Town Homes Kingston


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

A Tenancy Agreement is a legal binding contract between the landlord and tenant(s). Therefore, it is very important to refer to your lease whenever you have a question or concern. It clearly outlines your responsibilities as a tenant, and the obligations of the landlord.


How does Town Homes Kingston protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it.‚Äč Download Privacy Policy (PDF)


When is rent due, and what methods of payment do you accept?

Rent is due in full on the first of each month. Rent payments must be made at our office located at 610 Montreal Street. Acceptable forms of payment include:  pre-authorized payment, post- dated cheques, interact payment, money order or cash.


What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

You will receive a Notice of Early Termination for Non-payment of Rent (N4). If the rent is not paid in full by the date indicated on the N4, an application will be filed with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), which will cost you an additional $170.00. You will then receive paperwork regarding the hearing and if eviction is granted and you do not pay or move by the date specified in the LTB Order, the Enforcement Office (Sheriff) will be contacted to enforce the order. The cost of a sheriff eviction is approximately $350.00, and this will also be charged back to you.


What is rent subsidy?

Rent subsidy is the difference between the market rent for the unit and the rent you pay based on your gross monthly income.


How long do I have to report any changes?

You are required to advise us of any changes in income and/or household composition within thirty (30) business days. Failure to do so could result in losing your rent subsidy.


What is the annual subsidy review?

Once a year, on your anniversary date, you are required to provide paperwork to verify your income and your household composition. Failure to do so could result in your subsidy being revoked.


How can I as a tenant held reduce humidity and mold/mildew in my unit?

Tenants shall provide adequate ventilation to prevent excessive moisture build up upon walls and windows. In particular, the tenant shall close the door to the bathroom and turn on the ventilation or open the window for 5 minutes after a steamy shower and the tenant shall avoid excessive rapid boiling of water while cooking. The tenant shall wash all mold and/or mildew off all cleanable surfaces to prevent its accumulation. Mold and mildew is avoidable!


Where am I allowed to park?

Tenant and visitor parking are clearly marked in all our locations. Tenants must register their vehicles with our office, and must have a parking sticker displayed in their vehicles. It is the tenant's responsibility to inform their guests to park in the area designated for visitors. Tenants and visitors that do not obey the parking regulations will be ticketed and/or towed.


If I have a complaint, who do I call?

If your quiet enjoyment is seriously being disturbed, particularly in the late evening or early morning hours, you should call the Police. The next business day advise the office in writing of the incident and provide a written account of the events including the date and time. You can file an official complaint using the following form: Tenant Complaint Form (PDF).


What is the procedure for maintenance repairs?

Forms are available at the office. Requests for repairs are prioritized with the most urgent being addressed first.

Maintenence Request: Download (PDF)


What is considered an emergency maintenance request, and who do we call?

An emergency request must be problems that cannot wait, this includes:  no heat, no water, flooding, gas leak, no power, smoke detector sounding.  Dial 613-542-0443 and press "9". Please, for fire, medical, or police emergency, do not waste time by calling the office first. YOU MUST CALL 911, and then call the office in the event of a fire.


What if I lose the keys to my unit?

Tenants cannot alter or change locks on their units. You must inform the office if you require a lock change or keys. The cost for changing locks or keys is the responsibility of the tenant. If you misplace your keys after hours and find yourself locked out of your home; call a locksmith.


Can I make modifications to my unit?

If you would like to make a modification(s) to your unit, please fill out a Request to Modify form at our office or print it off our website. If permission is granted, you will be notified in writing by staff.

Modify Unit Request: Download (PDF)


Do I need household insurance?


YES. Household insurance is now mandatory. This will insure you against theft, fire, power failure, floods, etc., as well as damage that may be caused by you, your children, or pets in a civil suit.


What do I have to do if I plan on moving?

All tenants wishing to vacate their unit must submit 60 day written notice to our office. All tenant notices to vacate must end on the last day of the month. Tenants giving short notice, less than 60 days, will be held responsible for the additional time required to 'proper' notice.


What happens if I transfer to another housing provider and receive paperwork regarding money owing?

If at any time, it is determined that the Tenant owes monies to another non-profit Landlord, the Tenant will be required to sign a repayment agreement with the former Landlord and provide a copy of the repayment agreement to the current Landlord. If the tenant fails to sign a repayment agreement or fails to make the payments as set in the repayment agreement, the Tenant's subsidy could be permanently revoked, and the household would become a market household.