Town Homes Kingston


& Emergency Services

At Town Homes Kingston we have high property standards and work hard to make our properties safe, clean and affordable for our Tenants. We need your help to identify when maintenance issues arise so that we can keep our homes up to standard.


When maintenance in your home is required, please come to the office and complete a Maintenance Request Form. The Maintenance Request Form helps Town Homes Kingston coordinate Staff and materials to complete your request.


We take pride in our properties and need your help to maintain them to our standards. We can only accomplish this with your help.


Maintenance Request: Download (PDF)

Modify Unit Request: Download (PDF)


Emergency Services

Standard Response Time: Within 24 hours

An emergency repair is required when there is a threat to health and safety, or immediate action is required to prevent damage to a tenant's home or neighbouring property. Examples of emergency repairs are:


  • Smoke/CO alarm sounding
  • Flooding
  • Fire damage
  • Windows are broken and there is a security risk
  • Main unit door is broken and you are unable to unlock the door (only if 1 door to unit)
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Clogged toilet (only one toilet in your unit). Tenant must attempt to plunge first.
  • Leaking roof
  • Loss of heat, power, or water (only in your unit, not communal outage)


For Emergency on-call services please call 613-542-0443 and press ‘9’ when prompted.

note: if your call is NOT deemed an emergency, you may be charged a fee of $50

Priority Repairs

Standard Response Time: Within 12 days

A priority repair is when there is a problem causing an inconvenience but is not a threat to your health or safety. Examples of a priority repair are:


  • Leaking pipes or water supply line
  • Slow drain
  • No hot water
  • Oven not working


Response time starts the day the Maintenance Request Form is received by the office. Response Times can be impacted by the need to order parts, weather conditions, and/or the priority of other work for your building.


A fee may be charged when a repair is required due to vandalism, improper care of the home, misuse or alterations to the unit.


Routine Maintenance & Repairs

Standard Response Time: Within 28 days

Routine maintenance and repairs are day-to-day services and are not considered emergency or priority repairs. However, it is important that you notify Town Homes Kingston immediately to avoid small repairs turning into large repairs. Examples of routine maintenance and repairs are:


  • Broken hardware (door knobs, hand rails, handles etc.)
  • Dripping taps
  • Light fixture repair
  • Noisy refrigerator
  • Bathroom or kitchen fan not working
  • Screen or cupboard door repair
  • Stove element not working